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Johnny Cupcakes – sweet t tee shirt graphics

Not only are they sweet, but they are not fattening or  bad for your sugar levels. The Johnny Cupcakes line owner started this cool cartooney line by as a joke but eventually the demand for these t tee shirts graphics grew higher and higher. people just want to play along with these colorful toys.
Johnny Earle started the t tee shirt line in 2001 and has been a success from then on. He uses his trademark logo of a cupcake on every tee shirt he designs, replacing famous symbols with the delicious dessert. He has stores on Massachusetts and Los Angeles, the next one being scheduled to open in London.
He was named the primary on the “Best entrepreneur aged 25 and under” list by service Week magazine. His “cupcake” service s booming, constituting a real example of success, especially in these times.
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