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Joanna Szmerdt – Pug pet dog wall art

Pug pet dog wall art print by Joanna Szmerdt
Pug pet dog wall art was painted by a polish artist named Joanna Szmerdt. The innocent pug wall art can make a terrific addition to your wall as well as it likewise can make for a terrific gift to a pug lover. The thing that I like about this painting is the customized effect created with watercolor painting as well as the touches of reality created by the soft strokes . Although the original painting has been sold you can always get an art print of this painting that retains the look of the original. Pug pet dog wall art prints up to (42×29,7cm) 11×16 inch size as well as they are printed on Archival Acid complimentary 270g/m2 White Watercolor fine Art Paper. She likewise uses archival premium 10-cartridge Canon Lucia Pigment Inks with a droplet size of 4.0pl as well as chroma optimizer for long enduring true color prints.
Joanna was inspired by her neighbor’s pet dog that used to look at her with an innocent face so she made a decision to paint him with her favorite watercolors. You can purchase Pug pet dog wall art on Etsy for just 25$ as well as the good news is that it ships worldwide from Poland.

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