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Wrap pattern sought …

Helen in the UK is hoping that some kind as well as useful visitor of A gown A Day will understand where she can discover a pattern for a gown similar to this — a wrap with a full skirt as well as collar/sleeve options. I know, it ought to be easy, right? however no.

And if anybody can tell me where to purchase broderie anglaise online, I’d be extremely happy. preferably at less than “oh-my-god-they-want-what?” per yard.

If you click on the picture you can purchase the gown featured right here — it’s a Zara gown noted on

Coming up soon on A gown A Day … the Esprit giveaway is this week, if I can get whatever ironed as well as photos taken before Friday. as well as I’ll have the winners of the book contest, I think. Plus, I’m feeling a bit ranty! view out!

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