Y’all Are too good To Me

Seriously. You leave me good comments, you send me fun links, and now you purchase me fabric. Anna at BootyVintage saw this amazing fabric on eBay, discovered that it was “BuyItNow”, chose that no one but me deserved to own it, and purchased it best there on the spot!

I *am* the luckiest woman on the planet, dontcha know?

Of course I paypal-ed her posthaste, and soon this amazing fabric will certainly be mine, all mine. fabric I did not even know existed, and is my favorite color green, to boot (so numerous alphabet fabrics are pale blue and pale pink, for the nursery).

So now I just have to find a pattern that will let me put a huge “e” best at the center front, and I will have achieved alphabet-dress nirvana.

Oh, and this dress? arrived MONDAY. Not that I’ve had time to do much much more than gaze lovingly at it in stolen moments …

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