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The finest Workwear Under $100 in the 2022 Nordstrom anniversary Sale

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The Nordstrom anniversary Sale is available to everybody now! As a reminder, costs for new autumn product are temporarily marked down to celebrate Nordstrom’s anniversary — costs will go back up on July 30 when the sale ends. stock comes as well as goes as people return things, so we’ve updated previous articles with italics to suggest sold-out products (but we’ve kept the link in tact in situation you want to inspect if it’s come back).
We believed we’d round up a few of our favorites for work under $100… readers, which are your favorites under $100? In general, what have been the hits as well as misses for you in the sale?

Pictured above: polka dot / pink blouse / white tee / gray cardigan / black cardigan
Note that anything marked with an asterisk is available in plus sizes as well, as well as anything marked with a + is available in neutrals.
Here are all of our picks from the 2022 Nordstrom anniversary Sale!
Cardigans for work as well as Play Under $100

Pictured above, $38-$79: cropped cardigan* / long cardigan* / bobble cardigan* / boxy cardigan / long cardigan*
Elevated fundamentals for work under $100
They’re not extremely exciting, however they comprise the basis of a lot of women’s working wardrobes — these pieces may be a lot more costly than what you usually pay for a tee shirts or whatnot, however the much better materials as well as in shape make it worth the price. (The very first white tee especially gets tons of reviewer like about opacity, fit, quality, as well as so forth.) (Also: I wouldn’t phone call this $38 sweatshirt extremely elevated, however it’s one I gotten in last year’s sale that I’ve used a ton.)

Pictured above, $58-$89: white three-quarter tee / coral tee / bateau tee / sculptural shell / cashmere sweater

Trendy Tops for work Under $100
There are a ton of excellent blouses as well as tops to be had — right here are a few of our favorites under $100 (actually, all of them are under $60)…

Pictured above, $28-$49: button-front / eco-friendly / twist top* / flutter sleeve / polka-dot*

Pictured above: pink flutter sleeve / eco-friendly tie neck* / pink cowl neck / pink ruffle neck* / white sweater

Dresses for work Under $100
Pictured above, $59-$89: burgundy+ / teal / red / eco-friendly / black
Pictured above, $79-$99: burgundy* / black* / tropical print*/ teal / red*

The finest blazers Under $100

Pictured ($79-$119): 1) chevron 2) plaid 3) greenish plaid 4) eco-friendly 5) pink inspect 6) double-breasted plaid

Pants for work in the 2022 NSale

Some of our long-standing favorites (all in routine as well as plus sizes!): one (big visitor preferred last year) / two / three (Kat’s favorite) / four / five (also this long-standing comfy visitor favorite!)

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