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Large Sizes, and a random BSG digression

Anna at BootyVintage reminded me I wished to link to her Etsy shop, which offers only larger-sized vintage patterns. terrific idea, what? (Talk about the long Tail … )

Anyway, I should be enjoying method as well much Battlestar Galactica (yes, I know I’m late to the party — I’m in season 2.0 best now — but hey, there was lots of onion dip left when I got here), because the first thing I believed of when I saw this beautiful 1970s Sybil Connelly dress was “CYLON!!!”

You see it too, right? She could be walking the streets of poor nuked deserted Caprica, having only to crook a finger to phone call down those clanking centurions to offer firepower. It should be the stark white of the dress against the metropolitan scene, coupled with her ectomorphic and etiolated frame that does it … If only she weren’t holding that bag. Cylons never have to reapply their lipstick.

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