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The Hundred Dresses: Day 47

Here’s simplicity 6894 again, in the better red than dead edition:

I really love the idea of this particular dress, but the actual instantiation of it is problematic. mostly because this fabric wrinkles like a Shar-Pei. It took all my weight on the iron to get it as smooth as it is in these photos:

The pleats turned out well, though, didn’t they?

And the side zip?

More evidence of the essentially wrinkly nature of this dress:

And the back:

I’d like to make this dress over again but I’m thinking I must go a lot more classic Villager and do it in some teeny tiny prints. I just gotten some Japanese liberty from Jones and Vandermeer (on sale!) that might be a good candidate for this pattern … or maybe in red again, so I can salvage those buttons, but something not so crinkly. Thoughts?


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