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“Chicago Style” means something other than how you like your pizza

This is set LaCroix, in a set LaCroix dress. A set LaCroix dress that I really, really like. but wait — it gets better. The dress is a wool/cashmere blend flannel and the green banding is Irish linen. It has seventeen green snaps down the front and a skinny belt with an ivy leaf theme buckle; and it was part of Kit’s Chicago Gen Art Fresh Faces in fashion collection.

I just like how poised, powerful, and womanly this dress is. It’s not a tiny wispy slipdress that might also be a nightgown and that has the moral authority of a wet Kleenex; no, this is a dress you could run a board meeting in, or buy a mob hit in, or design a superconducting supercollider in (okay, for that last, maybe if you found a lab coat that would in shape over it). This is a Dress, dammit, and you better respect, yo! If you were wearing this, people wouldn’t just open the door for you, they’d remove it from its hinges, if necessary. You could quell insubordination with a cocked hip and a millimeter’s worth of increased eyebrow — if it even got that far.

Good work, Kit! I think we’ll be seeing even more great stuff from you in future!

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