I just gotten this fabric on eBay. Correction: I just gotten seven yards of this fabric on eBay. It’s 60″ wide! including shipping from the UK, it was less than $30. Supposedly it is not as white-white as the picture, but is instead a deep cream color.

Now, there’s every chance that whatever I make will make me look like attack of the Tablecloth Bride, but in my head ideal now this looks cool and summery, not as evident (and a lot more flattering on me) than bright white. I’m seeing something like the sweet and basic bodice from the other day, with a 3/4 circle skirt. Not quite sure how I’ll line it, or with what (probably batiste or thin habotai silk, I would think) but that will all get worked out eventually.

I think this kind of crochet-y lace is less formal and much easier to wear than what we normally think of as lace with a capital L — and much less scratchy!

We’ll see what it looks like when it arrives. seven yards!

Speaking of tablecloths, I think I’m going to try to do a photo tutorial on making a skirt from a round tablecloth. considering that there’s a lot more natural light (and a lot more elbow room) in a lot of coal mines than there is in my sewing room, this will take a bit of planning.

One last tip … if you’re going to send me a book cover for the book cover contest, tomorrow’s the last day to do it!

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