That’s Better. I Think.

I’m a bit cranky today, so I’m thankful to be able to show this dress, which is provided by Chez Cemetarian.

You know that cranky feeling you get when you’ve tried to talk someone out of doing something stupid, something that might well backfire on them, and they go and do it anyway? That’s the cranky I have today, matched up with a little bit of a head cold. somehow checking out this dress makes it slightly better.

I really like the completely superfluous straps. I think this would be a great dress for a gangster moll in a movie, because you KNOW, at some point, the bad man She loves In A Hopeless way will get hold of her by those straps. and you will have known that the bad man will do that from the first moment of seeing her in this dress, but no matter how much you yell at the screen, she will never stop loving the bad Man.

The two-tone version is pretty great, too, and of course, the jacket. but it’s the moll in red who first caught my attention. Why won’t she realize that the bad man is wrong for her, and that she must rat him out to the handsome G-Man instead? because you can’t talk people out of doing silly things, that’s why.

The pattern’s B34 and has an opening bid of $5.99, with no bids ideal now. It ends in three days, so get cracking …

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