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Dresses in Literature, Dr. Seuss edition

“Have no concern of that ring,” Laughed the feline in the Hat.”Why, I can take feline ringsOff tubs. just like that!”

Do you understand exactly how he did it?WITH MOTHER’S WHITE DRESS!Now the tub was all clean, however her gown was a mess!

Then Sally looked in.Sally saw the dress, too!And Sally as well as IDid not understand what to do.We must work in the snow.But that dress! What a spot!”It may never come off!”Sally said. “It may not!”

But the feline laughed, “Ho! Ho!”I can make the area go.The method I take areas off a dressIs just so!”

“See here!” laughed the cat.”It is not difficult at all.The thing that takes areas Off a gown is a wall!Then we saw the feline wipeThe area off the dress.Now the gown was all clean.But the wall! What a mess!

From The feline in the Hat Comes Back.

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