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The Hostess With the Mostess

This pattern (kindly sent by Lisa of miss Helene’s) is one of a set of (?) “College-Career fashions produced by student-designers of Stephens College, Columbia, MO”. However, if any individual on that school (or anywhere in Columbia, MO) ever used anything such as this except for the inevitable fashion show (including their a lot of illustrious alumna), I will build an audacious bit mixed drink hat as well as eat it.

I can’t picture that this is a “College-Career fashion”, by which I’m presuming they indicate something you can wear at College, as well as then in your Career. (With funding letters since having either college or a occupation ws so rare.)

Wearing this at college (unless you ditch the capelet) is patently ridiculous, however you understand what occupation they meant, of course: this is the dirigible-hostess uniform for the higher Midwest Lighter-Than-Airlines! Or at least the one that won the contest that the GMLTA conducted among college student-designers.

The dirigible hostesses all liked this style considering that they might wear their capelet-belt-aprons on duty, then leave them hanging in the GMLTA locker space while they went out to take pleasure in the nightlife of Columbia MO, St. Louis, Kansas City, or Duluth. (The hubs of the GMLTA.)

The head hostesses would wear navy gowns as well as red capes, as well as the cadet hostesses would have red sheaths as well as navy capes. So chic.

They’d take their bit GMLTA pins off the capes, though, as well as wear them on their sheath dresses, considering that they were great for a complimentary drink as well as plate of crudités at any type of bar in the GMLTA hub cities.

Ah, I desire the GMLTA hadn’t gone belly-up (literally, it was terrifying, say thanks to goodness they had those five-point seat harnesses). Those were the days when travel was genuinely an sophisticated adventure.

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