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Please pass the mustard.

This dress comes from Buffalo Gal Vintage, and it caught my eye on a quick prowl through the site. It’s mustard gold, one of my favorite colors; it has scallops, one of my favorite shapes; and it has pockets, one of my favorite things. and … it’s made of corduroy. What an interesting choice! I am always leery of corduroy dresses because, if you’re not careful, you turn into one huge lint brush. A corduroy skirt, yes, of course; a corduroy t-shirt (especially in a pretty ditsy floral) is fine (you’re a lumberjack and you’re okay); a corduroy dress … eh. but this one is so cute! I may have to rethink my anti-corduroy-dress fatwa.

Buffalo Gal’s site is very interesting, as well — she has dozens of different models, it seems like, and the dress shots are much much more like fashmag editorial pages or high-end catalog shots than they are like the common vintage site dress shots. I’m not sure how I feel about that — on the one hand, the dresses seem much much more alive this way; on the other, it’s in some cases hard to see details, which are typically the whole reason to go vintage.

Anyway, if you are as tempted as I am by the lure of mustard-and-scallops (sounds like a menu!), click on the image to check out the site. It’s $55, and B36/W26.

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