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If Loving These is wrong (you understand the rest)

I understood when I very first saw these that I had to have them, even though they are 1) meant for fifteen-year-olds, as well as 2) patently ridiculous. however aren’t they just AWESOME? They are. Don’t try to reject it. They’re Cynthia Rowley for Roxy, as well as I’m only somewhat embarrassed to state I saw them in Lucky. (Remind me to go into my rant about the Lucky-fication of American Fashion, or possibly you can just checked out my newest column in the Boston Globe, here.)

They are likewise rather comfortable as well as make people on the street (at least in new Orleans, where I was recently) state “Damn, girl, those are some adorable shoes.” Your street-interactions may vary, however only in the option of positive adjective. I promise.

They likewise are available in black as well as white gingham. What’s not to love? I ask you. however I’m not listening.

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