Free Pattern with Dress Tutorial The Littlest Studio Clothing Today’s Pattern story and Sale: McCalls 5107

Today’s Pattern story and Sale: McCalls 5107

green Dress: If I fix my gaze firmly on the ground over there, I can’t possibly be held responsible for anything that’s going on to my right.

Blue Dress: Dammit, this propane torch won’t light! and the man at the shop guaranteed instant ignition?

Plaid Dress: She thinks she’s being so stealthy, but won’t she be amazed to learn my dress is made of asbestos fiber?

(Yes, I *have* had too much pie today, why do you ask?)

Today’s pattern is from Jen at MOMSPatterns, and she’s having a huge sale tomorrow for small Biz Saturday: use coupon code ‘smallbiz’ when you check out to save  25% This code is good until midnight EST on Saturday November 26, 2011. (PS: This code is good now for folks who read dress A Day …)

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