Such excellent Heights

Anthropologie really phone calls this the excellent Heights Shift, so they are to blame for the immediate earworm I just provided you, not me. Honest. (Anyone earwormed with the Iron & red wine version? raise your hand in the comments.)

Eirlys sent me the link to this gown (I’m quite sure — Eirlys, was that you?) as well as I’ve been a-thinkin’ about it something fierce. Not that I will purchase this dress, since (given the reviews) it most likely wouldn’t in shape me extremely well, however since I like this fabric. Love. It. So I keep believing of methods to get me some. Like, “calling Anthropologie headquarters, tracking down stalking the manufacturer, as well as begging” ways. None of which will work, because, provided the method contemporary retailing works, this gown was made months back as well as there’s probably, like, a lawn of this material left (and it’s being utilized to re-cover an ottoman, or make a cat-bed). Sigh. Anyway, that bit photo up there doesn’t do the material justice, click on the link as well as do the mouse-y close-up thing. (You know. That thing.) then you’ll see. This would make the cutest A-line skirt with pockets … or one more Heidi, of course.

Completely unrelated: I discovered an remarkable new (old) word for “someone who sews”: sewster. You’re welcome.

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